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No tools? No colors?
Do not worry, there is no issue with your software.
The software is separated in two modes, "Storyboard" and "Clean Copy", this is how most Comic Book/Manga artists proceed to make their works.
The "Storyboard" mode is for you to make the first scribbles, plan of the page and to set the frames.
The “Clean Copy” mode is where you can edit each frame one by one and where you can use many more tools as well as colors and layers.
The use of the Storyboard mode is not necessary so you can directly go to the Clean Copy mode but attention, you’ll not be able to change the frames after switching to Clean Copy.

Here is how you will be able to use all the tools:
On the Canvas, press the START button and you will be able to see the "Clean Copy" icon displayed in pink/red.
You will be redirected to the said "Clean Copy" mode and will be able to use all the tools you heard of in the lessons.

How many Canvas can I save?
Pages are saved inside a folder. The limit of saved folders is 80, the limit of pages per folder is also 80. Therefore it is possible to save up to 6400 pages.

How to save my work on the SD Card?
While in the Preview mode or Clean Copy mode, press the X button to take a snapshot of the page and save it on the SD Card.

As is it saved on the SD Card, you will be able to see it in the gallery where your others photos are.
※There is a chance that the saved pictures will not appear at the proper date in the Nintendo 3DS Photo Gallery, therefore you might want to search for them earlier according to the calendar.

How to post my creations on the internet?
From a PC:
After saving your creations on the SD Card, make sure that you turned off your Nintendo 3DS and take off the SD Card. If your Computer is equipped with a SD Port, insert the SD Card there. If not, you may need a SD Card Reader.
Then you just have to go to the SD Card folder called DCIM and copy the picture that you want to use.

You can also use the Nintendo 3DS internet browser in order to send the pictures by email.

From the 3DS itself:
After saving a picture, you can use the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Tools to submit it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Nintendo Image Share

Is it possible to exchange directly with friends?
Given that Comic Workshop gives you the opportunity to make drawings without limit and to protect minors, we are sorry to say that is not possible to directly exchange pictures.

Isn't it possible to post my work in the Miiverse page?
Given that Comic Workshop gives you the opportunity to make drawings without limit and to protect minors persons, we are sorry to say that is not possible to directly exchange pictures over the Miiverse.


Dear users of Comic Workshop, as many of you have seen, the option to include screenshots in the Miiverse community page, which was available at first, was suddenly canceled.
We certainly wish that you understand that we are not responsible for its closure as we are also not liable for its temporary availability.

As we deeply regret the confusion that users have encountered, we, Collavier Corporation, have for only alternative to respect and follow the decision of Nintendo of America.

How do I submit my work to Workshop Gallery?
Go to Workshop Gallery, and register by click on the top-right icon "New Account".

Once your account is confirmed and you are logged in, go to the submit section and fulfil the form.